The Carolina Hope Adoption Agency provides services for parents considering international adoption.

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Specializing in International Adoption, infants are available from many countries, as well as special needs adoption
An agency committed to serving orphans and families through the love of God.
Independent adoption and private adoptions resulting in placement of children in christian loving, supportive homes

International adoption from Azerbaijan.
A child can be assigned as young as six months old, These beautiful babies and children are well fed and well cared for.
International adoption from Brazil
These beautiful babies are in foster homes getting individual attention before adoption. Children from about three months old to 12 years old are available.
International adoption from Cambodia. 
In Cambodia the adoption process moves very quickly, and in about six months you can bring home your child. Babies are at least four months old when placed with a family.
International adoption from China.
In general, the children are in good health and primarily girls over the age of six months.
International adoption from Guatemala
Newborn infants are regularly available for adoption. Infant birth history is often available.
International adoption from Kazakhstan
Children six months and older can be placed for adoption. The children can vary in coloring and ethnic make-up.
International adoption from Lithuania
Lithuanian adoption is especially appealing to those who want to adopt a sibling group, fees are substantially  reduced and the wait is short.
International adoption from Nepal
Children from 50 orphanages, in different parts of Nepal who are given the children a good education, shelter, food and good care.
International adoption from Romania.
Toddlers and babies as young as six months can also be adopted. 
Photos/videotape and health report of a child are sent to adoptive parents .
International adoption from Russia.
Russia has 500,000 orphans, many of whom are available for adoption. 
Babies as young as two months may be assigned to adoptive parents.
International adoption from Ukrania.
In general babies and toddlers are available. 
Generally, the children are very fair in coloring.
International adoption from Vietnam.
Mostly very young infants are assigned to families.
The adoption process in Vietnam is very smooth and well-established.
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-Who can adopt?
-Children with special needs?
-What age children are available?
-How long does it take to adopt a child?
-How is a child be assigned to me?
-What are the advantages of the program?
-Who must travel?
-What are the expenses?

The Carolina Hope Vietnam program has been placed on hold. Recently an article in Vietnam was published stating the only adoptions to be processed would be from countries that had signed the Hague Convention or Memorandum Agreement. At this time the US has still not signed either of these documents. We are hopeful and optimistic that this will be resolved soon. Because it is anticipated that Vietnam will soon open again, we are accepting applications for this program.

Vietnam Adoption

Who can adopt from Vietnam?


Married couples and singles can adopt. Vietnam is flexible with age requirements. Parents must be 20 years older than child and if you are above 55 years of age, the Vietnam government asks that you are open to adopt a child of one year of age.

What age children are available?

VIETNAM ADOPTION Children can be assigned as young as six weeks old, but a child will probably be about three to four months old before the adoption is complete and she can leave the country. Girls and boys are equally available; however, there are more boys available. Although infants are available the wait for such a child is longer, far more older children are available.

Can I adopt a child with special needs?

Yes, children with special needs are available and the fee for such a child can be reduced.

How long does it take to adopt a child?

About one month after your paperwork is in Vietnam, and you have received an assignment of a child, you can travel to meet your child and begin the adoption process.

At least one parent must make two trips to Vietnam. On the first trip, which lasts about three to five days, you will meet your child and file your application for adoption. You will then be assigned a court date and asked to return 45 days later for the "Giving and Receiving Ceremony" at which time your child is officially adopted. On your second trip, you will be in the country for about ten days, as your child will need to be issued a new birth certificate, passport and a U.S. visa.

How is a child assigned to me?

VIETNAM ADOPTION Usually a young baby is assigned to you after all your paperwork is in Vietnam. If you want a boy you can expect an asssignment sooner than if you want a girl.

What are the advantages of adopting from Vietnam?

VIETNAM ADOPTION The babies and children, overall, are well cared for. You select the child based on the child's photo and medical history.

There are few restrictions as to who can adopt, and once you are paper-ready, you wait just a few months before you adopt your child.

Who must travel to Vietnam?

Only one parent must travel. The travel facilitator will be available to you at any time. The facilitator will assist you the entire time you are there. The facilitator will meet you at the airport to get you to the hotel, and to your child's orphanage city for all the official business that takes place there as well as to the official medical exam and to the U.S. Embassy.

What are the expenses?

The fee for one child is $14,500. These fees; however, do not include your home study, BCIS (Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services) fees, visas, and your travel expenses to Vietnam. Air travel is about $1,000 per person. If your home study fee is about $1,500, you can expect to spend under or around $20,000 for all expenses, including transportation for two persons.

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