The Carolina Hope Adoption Agency provides services for parents considering international adoption.

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Specializing in International Adoption, infants are available from many countries, as well as special needs adoption
An agency committed to serving orphans and families through the love of God.
Independent adoption and private adoptions resulting in placement of children in christian loving, supportive homes

International adoption from Azerbaijan.
A child can be assigned as young as six months old, These beautiful babies and children are well fed and well cared for.
International adoption from Brazil
These beautiful babies are in foster homes getting individual attention before adoption. Children from about three months old to 12 years old are available.
International adoption from Cambodia. 
In Cambodia the adoption process moves very quickly, and in about six months you can bring home your child. Babies are at least four months old when placed with a family.
International adoption from China.
In general, the children are in good health and primarily girls over the age of six months.
International adoption from Guatemala
Newborn infants are regularly available for adoption. Infant birth history is often available.
International adoption from Kazakhstan
Children six months and older can be placed for adoption. The children can vary in coloring and ethnic make-up.
International adoption from Lithuania
Lithuanian adoption is especially appealing to those who want to adopt a sibling group, fees are substantially  reduced and the wait is short.
International adoption from Nepal
Children from 50 orphanages, in different parts of Nepal who are given the children a good education, shelter, food and good care.
International adoption from Romania.
Toddlers and babies as young as six months can also be adopted. 
Photos/videotape and health report of a child are sent to adoptive parents .
International adoption from Russia.
Russia has 500,000 orphans, many of whom are available for adoption. 
Babies as young as two months may be assigned to adoptive parents.
International adoption from Ukrania.
In general babies and toddlers are available. 
Generally, the children are very fair in coloring.
International adoption from Vietnam.
Mostly very young infants are assigned to families.
The adoption process in Vietnam is very smooth and well-established.
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CAROLINA HOPE also conducts home studies for those adoptive parents seeking children domestically or internationally.
International Adoption, Contact Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency for programs in 
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We help by providing prospective adoptive parents information throughout 
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CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency is prepared to help adoptive parents 
through all the steps of international adoption. 
Our goal is to make your adoption a successful and meaningful experience.

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Popular Programs?
Our Experience?
Our concern for the children and families?
What we do?
The risks involved
What about the health of my child?
What about special needs children?
Where do the children come from?
What is a case manager?
What is a facilitator?
What assurances do I have of accountability?

FAQ Adoption

About CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency


CAROLINA HOPE was licensed in March of 1998 by the State of South Carolina to provide loving families and humanitarian assistance for international orphans. In 2002 we placed more children for adoption than any other private agency in South Carolina.

adoption. Our services include home studies, pre-adoption education, seminars specialized workshops for those seeking to adopt, and referral and assistance through the adoption process as well as post-adoption counseling and guidance.

Although nearly all adoptions processed by CAROLINA HOPE are international, CAROLINA HOPE also provides services as a domestic agency for interstate placements. Often, other states require the adoption to be processed through a licensed agency-not just an attorney. We are the only agency in South Carolina that is recognized by Connecticut for interstate adoptions.

adoption. CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency is a Christian organization, and all employees of the Agency and Board members are evangelical Christians. Our goal as a Christian agency is to bring honor to Christ in all that we do.

CAROLINA HOPE is now a 501(c) 3 organization, which means we are nonprofit organization and all donations are now tax-deductible. and an accredited agency through the Joint Council on International Children's Services. is an accrediting organization for non-profit Internation Adoption Agencies that hold certain Ethical and professional standards.

What are your most popular and longest running programs?


Guatemala is our most popular program. The program has been refined, and we believe that we have the finest facilitators with which to work. They are experienced, work quickly, and monitor the children's situation regularly. This program is stronger than ever, and most children are assigned to families who are paper-ready and have approval from (the "former") Immigration and Naturalization Services, so that once a child is assigned, the process moves very quickly. We assign babies immediately with paper-ready families.

adoption. Our longest running program is Ukraine, and now that the National Adoption Center has a new director, we have seen this program become even stronger. Although the wait to travel may be a few months longer than in the past, once you are in Ukraine, the experience is smoother.

Our Experience


Since its beginning, CAROLINA HOPE has handled more than 300 international adoptions from more than eight countries. We pride ourselves on precise and timely handling of adoption paperwork and personal service to our clients. Each adoption is unique and presents the complexities of uniting a family with a child from another culture, another government, and another part of the world. We do so prayerfully, seeking God's direct intervention to bring families together.

Our concern for the children and families


At all times, our foremost concern is to be sure the children are placed in loving, caring families. Families also need to understand what a child experiences in the adoption process. That is why we require each family, who is not involved in adoption training classes, to complete the workbook With Eyes Wide Open.

adoption. We also seek to keep prospective parents informed at all times and minimize the understandable stress of the process. Prospective parents understand that just as childbirth has its unpredictable moments, international adoptions, with all their unique processes and individuals can present unpredictable circumstances. We are always interested in improving our services by following up with families after adoption. The overwhelming number of parents who choose CAROLINA HOPE report a satisfactory to excellent experience.

What we do?


adoption. The staff at CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency will do all that we can to expedite the process for you. We begin the process by providing adoption education materials. As a non-profit ministry to children, the agency seeks to keep its fees reasonable and your expenses as low as possible. (We want these children in good homes!) Adoptive parents will find that we are experienced in knowing how to handle the various difficulties that may arise. We also minimize the bumps that can occur in the process by working with qualified facilitators in each country who follow procedures that expedite the adoption process as well as benefit the children. In most cases, adoptions can be completed in 6 to 9 months.

The risks involved


There are certain risks involved in any adoption, and as an agency we attempt to reduce each risk. When a problem arises, we are there to handle the situation so that the adoption can proceed. However, there are problems that can occur, which are beyond the control of the agency or in-country facilitator.

Adoptive parents must assume all costs and risks associated with an international adoption. Such risks include delays, extra, unforeseen expenses, medical problems with the child assigned to you, and a country closing its doors to adoption. Your understanding of these risks is a requirement established also by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (the former Immigration and Naturalization Services) and are addressed in the international home study.

What about the health of my child?


Most children assigned to families are examined by a physician and have medical reports which include screening for hepatitis B and the HIV virus. Usually the children are examined and tested by health care professionals who adhere to Western standards.

adoption. Children adopted internationally may have some minor health concerns or developmental delays. These problems are usually corrected by proper care. The agency suggests that when you receive a medical report and video/picture of your child, you send the report and picture to a physician who specializes in the evaluation of international children. The fees, which are usually very reasonable, are paid directly to the medical organization. CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency will provide a list of these physicians.

On occasion children can have more serious health problems that are diagnosed after assignment. In most instances, you be can be assigned another child if the child does not meet your health expectations. Sometimes, while in an orphanage or foster home, a child can also have an acute illness that requires treatment. We make every attempt to keep you informed of the status of your child and the treatment he is receiving.

What about special needs children?


Clients have the option to choose a child with special needs. Families that do so will receive additional counseling about the unique challenges they may face. Usually fees are reduced when adopting such a child.

Where do the children come from?


Usually an impoverished, single mother abandons or relinquishes her child for adoption. In some countries, such as Ukraine, all the children are placed into orphanages. In other countries, such as Guatemala, mostly babies are relinquished for adoption and are placed in foster care or group homes.

What is a case manager?


In the office at CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency, we have case managers and who are experienced in each country's laws and procedures to be the direct day-to-day contact with the adoptive parents. The case manager will be the central point handling timely execution of your documents.adoption.

What is a facilitator?


A facilitator is an agent in the child's country who represents the interests of the adoptive parents and works directly for them. CAROLINA HOPE recommends those facilitators it believes to be trustworthy and of high integrity, but they are not employees of CAROLINA HOPE.

What assurances do I have of accountability?


The case manager works in the office or reports directly to CAROLINA HOPE. There is a tracking system to monitor your case.

Selecting an experienced, licensed, accredited agency, such as CAROLINA HOPE, that works only with reputable individuals and organizations internationally is the best assurance of accountability. We will be glad to provide references from recent adoptive parents.

For further information contact the Program Coordinator for your country of interest, at the CAROLINA HOPE Christian Adoption Agency (1-864-268-0570).

International Adoption, Contact Carolina Hope Christian Adoption Agency for programs in

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